Hassle FREE – WordPress Pre-Installed

There’s no need to mess around with installers. Let’s face it, most people are not technically savvy and we don’t believe you really have to be. That’s why WPServing has designed this service as a no-brainer. As soon as you purchase your account from us, you will immediately log into your WordPress install. From the dashboard you will be able to select your theme, select your plugins and immediately start using your site.

As we said, no hassles and it will be the fastest you’ve ever had a website up and running.

Best of Breed Plugins

As marketers we know the plugins which you’ll need the most, everything from SEO to video plugins, we’ve selected the plugins which you’ll need to run your site efficiently. You may not need all of them, but they are there when you do. If you do not see a plugin which you would like, simply contact us and we’ll locate best one for the purpose which you need, it’s that simple.

Domain Mapping

Initially, you’ll be issued a an address of http://yourname.wpserving.com. It’s a functional URL, but many of you will want to use your own domain and branding. That’s where our “domain mapping” functionality comes into place. ¬†We will give you the IP address to add to your registrar to point your domain to your WPServing site. It takes only a few minutes and its quick and easy to do. We even provide a video showing you how.

EXCLUSIVE Marketing Plugins

This is what separates us from all the other services out there. Not only is our WordPress hosting world class, but because WPServing is designed for Direct Marketers, we’ve created several EXCLUSIVE plugins which you’ll be able to use immediately. Each one is designed for specific task.